Cafe Sour

Cafe Sour

Ethiopian-inspired sour beer with cold-brewed Ethiopian coffee... Why not?

ABV: 5.2%      Style: Coffee Berliner Weisse      Availability:

C.A.F.E. Sour brings a new twist to the already popular world of coffee beers. Keeping with Christopher’s favorite coffee’s from Ethiopia, the beer is made with beautiful Ethiopian Yrgicheffe provided by Plowshares Coffee Roasters in Hillburn, NY. In keeping with an overall Ethiopian theme, Whole Grain Teff and Gesho Leaves & Sticks were used. Teff is a staple grain of Ethiopia used in their sourdough bread called Injera. And Gesho is used for bittering in the traditional Ethiopian beer “Tella”.

We wanted to push the boundaries of creativity. Since Teff is used in sourdough bread, we thought: why not make a sour beer?

The end product results in a truly unique coffee-inspired experience: light in color and body, with an Earthy flavoring from the coffee that blends wonderfully with the exotic flavors from the sour beer. A refreshing and delightful beer for the summer ahead.

The Newburgh Conspiracy

The Newburgh Conspiracy

A Russian Imperial Stout, named for a little known pivotal moment in US history...

ABV: 12%      Style: Russian Imperial Stout      Availability:

Victory in 1783 brought great joy throughout the colonies, but there were also dark times ahead. Tired & angry Officers of the Continental Army grew restless as they awaited their hard-earned wages from our new Congress. A planned revolt was quashed by General George Washington, right here in Newburgh. This event became known as “The Newburgh Conspiracy”.

That dark moment in Newburgh history inspired the naming of our Russian Imperial Stout. “The Newburgh Conspiracy” is as dark as the hearts of those erstwhile conspirators. Made from only the first runnings of 2 separate brews, it is extremely rich, high ABV, yet smooth and drinkable. Hints of licorice and dried fruits are evident from the enormous amount of roasted malts. The high alcohol is warming without overpowering, making this a tasty treat for the cold winter ahead.

Check Point Charlie Berliner Weisse

Check Point Charlie Berliner Weisse

Our traditional take on a Berliner Weisse.

ABV: 3.0%      Style: Berliner Weisse      Avaliability:

We do so love a good Berliner… and with that in mind, we bring you Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse: our traditional interpretation of a German classic.

Aptly named for the famous crossing at the Berlin Wall, you’ll find Checkpoint Charlie to hold all the great characteristics of the Berliner Weisse’s made in Berlin. That means it’s very light in body, wonderfully tart in the finish, and refreshingly sessionable at 3.0% ABV.

Here at the brewery, we happily serve it just like they would in Berlin: with flavored syrups. Woodruff, Raspberry, Blueberry… all marvelous choices!

So enjoy Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse as is, or with your own flavored syrup… you won’t be disappointed!

Flying Purple Pilsner Eater

Flying Purple Pilsner Eater

Adjunct Lager Brewed with Peruvian Purple Corn

ABV: 5.5%      Style: American Adjunct Lager      Avaliability:

Meet our newest beer, "Flying Purple Pilsner Eater", an American Adjunct Lager that was brewed using imported Peruvian Purple Corn. Of course, the corn contributes the most striking characteristic of this beer: it's deep & rich purple color. But it also contributes some light fruit notes as well

Despite it's eye-catching color and subtle fruit notes, this beer is everything we love about a traditional American lager: medium bodied, flavors of freshly baked bread & corn, and a thirst-quenching 5.5% ABV.

Lager Boss

Lager Boss

Dry Hopped Lager

ABV: 5.8%      Style: Lager      Avaliability:

LagerBoss... the Lager member of the Boss Family

LagerBoss is the intersection of old meeting new... a classic German Lager being generously hopped with new age hops. The resulting beer is bursting with citrus & tropical fruit flavors, while still being grounded by the classic bread & grain notes of a lager. Medium bodied with a beautiful golden color, LagerBoss is a summertime treat. To be enjoyed over and over again.

Project Deciccoweisse #2

Project Deciccoweisse #2

Berliner Weisse w/Strawberries

ABV: 3.5%      Style: Berliner Weisse     Avaliability:

The 2nd in collaboration series with the DeCicco & Sons stores is a Kettle Soured Ale with Strawberries added during fermentation. What does that mean? It's a fruit-filled summer treat for the hot months ahead. Project DeCiccoWeisse is everything you want from a light & fruity sour ale... and at 3.5% ABV, you can enjoy it over and over again.

And why a beer for DeCicco & Sons? Because 1. We Heart Them, 2. They have a world-class beer selection in each store, and 3. They support local Hudson Valley beer like it's their job. So for those 3 reasons (and many more), it's a treat to brew this sour ale series with them.

Peat Smoked Stout

Peat Smoked Stout

Our twist on a classic Irish stout.Our twist on a classic Irish stout.

ABV: 4.0%      Style: Smoked Dry Irish Stout      Avaliability:

Dry and smooth, this very sessionable stout comes in at 4.0% alcohol content. Our subtle addition is a touch of peat smoked malted barley. Smoked over a peat-fueled fire, this malt adds a layer of smokiness to the more traditional dark malt flavors. A taste of that smokiness is complimented with a smooth roasted finish. Slainte!

Banish the Dark

Banish the Dark

Russian Imperial Stout Brewed with Cinnamon & Pomegranate Juice

ABV: 12.0%      Style: Russian Imperial Stout      Avaliability:

"Banish the Dark" is a collaborative effort between our brewing team and the fine folks at Whole Food Markets

It’s A Russian Imperial Stout, brewed with cinnamon and pomegranate juice. The variety of dark roasted malts contribute to a rich flavor of dried fruits & black licorice. Subtle cinnamon notes are present, and the pomegranate juice adds a delicate tartness. And at 12.0% ABV, it’s by no means sessionable... but the alcohol is hidden enough to make this beer dangerously drinkable.

Packaged in 750 ml bottles, look for this delicious beer at your local New York or New Jersey Whole Foods store. Cheers to our friends at Whole Foods for their incredible support of local beer!

Magnanini Niagara Tripel

Magnanini Niagara Tripel

Belgian Tripel brewed with Niagara Grapes from Magnanini Farm Winery

ABV: 10.0%      Style: Belgian Tripel      Avaliability:

While the Hudson Valley region of New York continues to grow as a beer destination, it has long been on the map for wine lovers. In honor of that proud tradition of wine making, we bring you Magnanini Niagara Tripel.

Magnanini Farm Winery is a local, family-owned Hudson Valley winery. Their Niagara Grapes were used in the brewing of our Belgian Tripel. The Niagara grape must was boiled to a syrup, which replaced the Belgian Candi sugar that would normally be found in a Belgian Tripel.

The highly fermentable grapes result in a supremely dry finish. The nose & start of the beer showcases the wine, while the finish is dominated by Belgian beer characteristics.

A truly unique offering that we hope you’ll enjoy!

Saison Farmstyle Ale

Saison Farmstyle Ale

A nod to one of our favorite session beers.

ABV: 3.8%      Style: Farmhouse Style Saison      Avaliability:

Saisons were traditionally brewed to very low alcohol content in order to refresh farmers while they worked the fields. In keeping with that drinkable tradition, our version weighs in at a very thirst-quenching 3.8% alcohol. Brewed with pale malted barley, raw oats, raw rye, Belgian yeast, and English, American, & French hops. Left unfiltered, it refreshes while giving a subtle spice from the yeast and grains and a gentle hop bitterness.

Blueberry brett Mint

Blueberry brett Mint

Brett Fermented Farmhouse Ale with Local Blueberries & Mint

ABV: 6.1%      Style: Farmhouse Ale      Avaliability:

The Hudson Valley has become a “must visit” destination for any craft beer lover. And to celebrate the great beer being brewed in the Hudson Valley, 11 of the breweries joined together to create the 1st “Hudson Valley Craft Beer Week” – each brewery made a beer with a local Hudson Valley ingredient, and our beer? Blueberry Brett Mint.

Blueberry Brett Mint is 100% Brettanomyces fermented, with local mint & blueberry juice added to the beer during fermentation. And while the beautiful pink color might make you think “sweet”, this beer is incredibly dry. Subtle notes of blueberry & mint, with a decidedly “funk farmhouse” flavor from the brettanomyces. A touch of bitterness reminiscent of a grapefruit is present at the finish of the beer.

The dryness lends itself to the beer’s overall drinkability, and after your first pint, you’ll surely crave a second. And with each pint, just know you are helping celebrate Hudson Valley craft beer!

Newburgh Small Beer

Newburgh Small Beer

Malty English-Style Ale made from the 2nd Runnings of our Barleywine

ABV: 3.8%      Style: Small Beer      Avaliability:

Newburgh Barleywine safely entered sherry casks in November 2013, to hibernate until Fall of 2014… but that doesn’t mean we can’t meet Barleywine’s little brother right now.

Introducing Newburgh Small Beer, made from the 2nd runnings of our Barleywine. Best described as somewhere between a Bitter and a Mild, this beer has a strong English character. Small Beers were historically made by brewers after making a “big beer” so that they did not waste any of the sugars. We did an overnight boil to concentrate the sugars, which gives the beer it’s amber color. English malt and American hops, the result is a beer with a strong malty backbone that is wonderfully sessionable. At 3.8% ABV, it’s a beer that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Cheers to our Small Beer. Small in name… but certainly not small in flavor.

New Burton IPA

New Burton IPA

NewBurton IPA is our take on a traditional Burton-on-Trent style IPA.

ABV: 7.1%      Style: English IPA      Avaliability:

That means we stayed true to the IPA’s English roots, from our hops to our malt (but not our accents). Our IPA is hoppy, but not in the “strip the enamel off your teeth”- kind of way. It weighs in at just over 7% ABV, which means it’s not quite sessionable; but, it’s still extremely balanced, drinkable and smooth. As you take in the delicious aroma of English hops while settling in with a NewBurton IPA, we hope you’ll share that same sentiment. Cheers!

Black Oyster Cult

Black Oyster Cult

A Black Gose brewed with Oysters

ABV: 4.9%      Style: Oyster Gose      Avaliability:

Last year’s 2nd runnings of The Newburgh Conspiracy brought you Sally’s Oyster Stout.

This year? Black Oyster Cult.

We loved the slight souring we did to last year’s oyster beer, so we decided to step it up this year. We made it a bit more tart, made the salt notes more pronounced, and the result is a truly unique Black Gose-like creation.

Black Oyster Cult comes in at 4.9% ABV; the beer was left to sour over the course of 2 days, and whole-shell oysters were then added during the boil. The beer drinks far lighter than it’s dark color… with pleasant notes of tart grapefruit, if you were to close your eyes, you’d be certain you were drinking a far lighter-colored beer.

Close your eyes… Don’t Fear the Sour… and enjoy Black Oyster Cult!

Sally's Oyster Stout

Sally's Oyster Stout

An Oyster Stout, made with the 2nd runnings from our Imperial Stout and with oysters from Sally's Fish Market

ABV: 5.5%      Style: Oyster Stout      Avaliability:

Last year’s 2nd runnings of The Newburgh Conspiracy brought you Chile Lime Stout.

This year? Sally’s Oyster Stout

English brewers would sit in pubs & observe thirsty patrons sipping their stouts & eating oysters. They soon realized that the combination of the two would delight beer drinkers across the English countryside.

With Sally’s Oyster Stout (so named because our oysters come from Sally’s Fish Market right here in Newburgh), we did a partial souring of the mash, & then added whole oysters during the boil. The result is a perfect marriage between beer & oyster with a nice briny, salty, & roasted quality.

As a New York brewery, we love to celebrate the rich history of our great state. For a time, New York harbor had more oysters than anywhere in the world. Oysters helped build New York City!

So raise a glass in celebration of oysters and Sally’s Oyster Stout!

Bitter English

Bitter English

Our version of one of the most popular styles of all English ales.

ABV: 3.4%      Style: Ordinary Bitter      Avaliability:

“Bitter English”… it’s been nearly 240 years, they probably aren’t that bitter anymore, right? Anyway: this is our take on a traditional English Bitter, arguably the most widely-made style in all of the UK. Bitters are enjoyed in pubs all across the English countryside. You could even say that it’s the English Bitter-style that originated the idea of “sessionable”. Our version has a mineral dryness nicely complimented by a balanced hop bitterness. The beautiful, amber color is the result of crystal and brown malts. With a light body, low carbonation, and an ABV of 3.4%, it’s the perfect beer for your next session

Cross Pollination Batch #1

Cross Pollination Batch #1

Sour Ale collaboratively brewed with Plan Bee Farm Brewery

ABV: 5.5%      Style: Sour Ale     Avaliability:

Our 1st bottle release? Yup

Our 1st collaboration beer? Yup

Introducing “Cross-Pollination: Batch #1”, collaboratively brewed with our friends at Plan Bee Farm Brewery. An all NYS Sour Ale: NYS Malt, NYS Hops, NYS Rose Hips, and even NYS Red Wine Grape Must from the Magnanini Farm Winery.

The beer has a light purple-to-pink color, which is entirely appropriate with the tropical cocktail flavor notes. A gentle sour finish perfectly complements the notes of fruit and punch.

As a true collaborative effort, the beer was fermented in 2 styles: one with our Newburgh House Yeast, the other with Plan Bee Wild Honey Yeast.

500 mL Bottles are available in pairs for $25 per pair.

Draught Newburgh Ale Yeast version available only in our taproom.

Amis D'Hiver

Amis D'Hiver

A Biere de Garde brewed in collaboration with Bierkraft and Mile End Deli

ABV: 6.5%      Style: Biere De Garde      Avaliability:

When our friends at Biekraft & Mile End Deli (both of the great borough of Brooklyn) came to us and said “we want to brew a beer with you”, how could we resist?

After collaboration, discussion, and more than a few pints consumed, it was decided: our collaboration beer would be a Biere de Garde, a French-style of beer.

Coming in at 6.5% ABV, this copper-colored ale is reminiscent of a lager; like a lager, it was cool fermented, and went through a 2 month “garde’ing” period. And to mix things up a bit: there was a partial souring of the mash during the brew. The result is a smooth and extremely drinkable beer… in fact, it drinks like a beer far more sessionable than it’s full 6.5% ABV!

And the name, “Amis D’hiver”? That is French for “Winter Friends”, which is a perfect name to describe a beer done in collaboration with our friends down in Brooklyn.

We hope you enjoy Amis D’hiver with a few of your friends as well!

Von Steuben's Gose

Von Steuben's Gose

A traditional German wheat beer that is brewed with coriander and salt

ABV: 3.6%      Style: German Gose     Avaliability:

“von Steuben’s Gose” is our interpretation of a traditional German Gose. A beer most commonly associated with the city of Leipzig in Germany, ours too is brewed with coriander and salt, which gives it a slightly sour finish. For a beer that we first introduced at the end of summer, it’s a perfect way to get through the dog days of August – refreshing, light, and extremely drinkable. As for the name? Well, German-born Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was a key part of the Continental Army’s victory in the War of Independence. It also just so happens that he spent some time in Newburgh. This is our first “philanthropic beer”, with a portion of the proceeds from each pint sale being donated back to historic Washington’s Headquarters right here in Newburgh. Prost!

Roe's Orchard Ale

Roe's Orchard Ale

A Farmhouse Ale made with local apple cider and fermented with Brettanomyces

ABV: 7.9%      Style: Farmhouse Ale     Avaliability:

The fall is all about brewing beers that can showcase the plentiful offerings in your backyard… and in the Hudson Valley, that means apples. With that in mind, we are excited to bring you ROE’S ORCHARD ALE, an 8.0% ABV Farmhouse Ale fermented with Brettanomyces, and made with freshly pressed local apple cider.

The cider comes subtly across nose, with the tasting notes being both cider and a Belgian-y bubblegum character. Light in both body and color, the overall dryness makes Roe’s Orchard Ale supremely drinkable, and a beer you’ll come back to again and again.



Our Bock-inspired ale, made with a partial sour mash and Chestnut Meal from Oregon

ABV: 6.8%      Style: Bock-inspired      Avaliability:

Inspired by German Doppelbocks and Belgian Dubbels, “Doppio” is a unique hybrid of the two… with a few twists, of course.

We did a partial souring of the mash, which results in a refreshing tartness to the beer. And we brought Chestnut Meal in from RC Farms in Oregon, which was added to this delectable brew as well.

Weighing in at 6.8% ABV, the crisp tartness and dry finish makes this a fine beer for the warm months ahead. The large malt bill gives the beer a hint of sweetness, and despite the lofty 6.8% ABV, it drinks like a far more sessionable offering.

And when you ask your all Italian-American brewing team to name a beer? Well, they come up with “Doppio”… of course!

Sterk Aal Van Hoodie

Sterk Aal Van Hoodie

Our Belgian Strong Ale, named for our fearless brewery cat, Hoodie.

ABV: 10.2%      Style: Belgian Strong Ale      Avaliability:

We do love all things sessionable here in Newburgh… but, there’s a time & a place for all beers, including our new Belgian Strong Ale. Medium bodied & amber in color, the beer boasts lovely flavors & aromas produced by the Belgian Candy Sugar. The lingering finish is that of both spice & earthy qualities from our Belgian Ale Yeast. The formidable 10.2% ABV leaves you with a delightful sugary sweetness and warmth.

We call it “Sterk Aal van Hoodie”, which is Flemish for “Strong Ale of Hoodie”. And who is Hoodie, you might ask? Why, she’s our incredibly strong, utterly fearless, cunning and quick brewery cat. We honor Hoodie’s fearless determination in the face of mouse danger by naming our Strong Ale after her. We salute you, Hoodie.

Harvest Ale

Harvest Ale

Our All NY Hopped Beer! A Wet Hopped American Pale Ale, using hops from Tony Menditto in Walden, NY and Madura Farms in Pine Island, NY.

ABV: 4.2%      Style: American Pale Ale     Avaliability:

Prohibition certainly changed America, didn’t it? The ripple effects of Prohibition were felt far & wide. Pre-Prohibition, New York was the #1 producer of hops in the United States. Today? Well, it’s not #1 anymore, but it’s hoping to grow right alongside the burgeoning New York craft brewing market.

With our Harvest Ale, we are proud to support local farmers as they set out to re-establish NY as a hop-growing state. Our 2012 Harvest Ale is an American Pale Ale that exclusively uses hops grown by two local farms: Tony Menditto of Walden, NY and Madura Farms of Pine Island, NY. These hops were still wet when we brewed, giving the beer a fresh, almost “grassy”-type of hoppiness.

So, as you raise a glass of our Harvest Ale, know that you are joining the New York hop growing movement… one pint at a time.

A Little Gose Long Way

A Little Gose Long Way

Imperial Gose with Maple Syrup

ABV: 7.0%      Style: Imperial Gose      Avaliability:

As part of the 2nd Annual Hudson Valley Craft Beer Week, we bring you "A Little Gose Long Way": a beer that celebrates, and showcases, all things local

"A Little Gose Long Way" is not your standard German Gose; higher in ABV than a traditional Gose, it also features subtle notes of sweetness from the addition of maple syrup from Crown Maple Syrup

And the malt? 100% from Hudson Valley Malt, a local maltster

The salt? From Long Island's Amagansett Sea Salt company

The finish product is a complex and flavorful take on a very traditional style... all the tart & salt notes you love from a Gose, with gentle sweetness from the syrup.

Xylem Farmhouse Ale

Xylem Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse Ale brewed with maple sap and fermented with brettanomyces

ABV: 4.1%      Style: Farmhouse Ale      Avaliability:

With the heat of summer rapidly approaching, we knew it was time to for a brew that was combat the hot days ahead, and quench the masses. But not content to make a just any beer, the brainchild of our brewing team was


Instead of water, this beer was brewed with over 600 gallons of maple sap from Crown Maple Syrup. The beer underwent primary fermentation with our Ale Yeast, and then secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces.

The result? A supremely dry, thirst-quenching beer with subtle notes of maple. An interesting amount of “funk” going on, but still incredibly drinkable and refreshing.

After each sip your taste buds will crave another, and at 4.1% ABV, it’s sessionable enough to enjoy Xylem all day long!



A Belgian Amber Ale that has been brewed with pumpkin and butternut squash obtained from a local farm right here in New York.

ABV: 5.05%     Style: Belgian Amber Ale     Avaliability:

Over 3,000 pounds of pumpkin and butternut squash… 3 days of round-the-clock pumpkin and squash baking… a vision for a twist on a traditional American style… and what do you get?


Our latest creation is a Belgian Amber Ale that has been brewed with pumpkin and butternut squash obtained from a local farm right here in New York.

In colonial times, pumpkins were used as a source of fermentable sugars when American brewers they couldn’t get grains. Squashtober is our take on this classic beer style, with a twist: the use of our Newburgh Belgian Ale Yeast. This yeast strain allowed us to achieve spice notes without introducing actual spices into the beer. The result? A beer that starts with nice hints of caramel and spice from the yeast and rye, and lingers with a clean pumpkin and squash finish. A nice autumn treat!

Spruce Mousse

Spruce Mousse

Black Saison Brewed with Chocolate & Spruce Needles

ABV: 5.3%      Style: Black Saison     Avaliability:

It is spruce beer season! Which maybe isn’t a thing, but it is for us. This year’s spruce beer is the delicious “Spruce Mousse”, a 5.3% ABV Black Saison made from the 2nd runnings of “The Newburgh Conspiracy”, our Russian Imperial Stout.

Spruce Mousse is brewed with spruce needles and cocoa nibs from Fruition Chocolate Works. Light in body, pitch black in color, it has pleasant minty chocolate notes with a subtle touch of bitterness. A nice winter beer to keep you warm and to be perfectly paired with a cup of hot chocolate.

Hoptron Smoked Gose

Hoptron Smoked Gose

A Gose brewed with Hoptron Brewtique, with Long Island Sea Salt, Hudson Valley Coriander, and smoked using Long Island Driftwood!

ABV: 4.0%      Style: GOse      Avaliability:

2 years ago, when we started sending beer out to Long Island, we noticed that a brand new craft beer bar called “Hoptron Brewtique” was pouring lots and lots of Newburgh. They loved our beer… and once we got to know them, we loved them right back!

We decided to invite them up to the brewery to help us brew a beer. The result? Hoptron Smoked Gose (aka “NewTron Fusion Gose”). And this beer is all about local. We partnered with Amagansett Sea Salt in Long Island for the salt; we hand-picked fresh coriander from Madura Farms in Pine Island; and we gave the beer a light smoking, using driftwood that was collected from a Long Island beach.

The result is a refreshing and light German Gose, with a unique blending of 3 flavors: salt, coriander, and smoke. Drinkable, interesting, and delicious!

Unkle Dunkel

Unkle Dunkel

Our take on a German Dunkelweizen... Charlie's favorite style!

ABV: 4.0%      Style: German Dunkelweizen      Avaliability:

“A dunkelweizen? That is music to my ears, my friend”. Our energetic Head of Sales, Charlie, has been asking for a dunkel since before we were brewing. One of his favorite styles, we were only too happy to oblige. And the “Unkle” part? Charlie just so happens to be Paul’s (the “business guy”) uncle.

“Unkle Dunkel” is a dark version of a traditional Bavarian wheat beer. There are several lovely notes on the nose: banana, clove, and hints of chocolate as well. Smooth and drinkable, the finish brings you right back to the aromatic start: chocolate accented by banana.

Hops are present in moderate fashion to provide an overall balance to the beer. Left unfiltered, this is a lovely session beer that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Madava Farm Pilsner

Madava Farm Pilsner

Our 1st Lager, made with maple sap from Madava Farm

ABV: 4.2%      Style: Pilsner      Avaliability:

Since 2013, we’ve partnered with Duchess County’s Crown Maple Syrup at Madava Farm in brewing a beer.

In 2013 it was Crown Maple Irish Red.

In 2014 it was Xylem Farmhouse Ale.

And in 2015? Introducing Madava Farm Pilsner, our very 1st lager.

Madava Farm Pilsner is brewed using over 600 gallons of maple sap taken directly from Madava Farm. Although left unfiltered, it still has a beautiful light straw color and an incredibly clean taste.

Madava Farm Pilsner has everything you love about a lager… bready notes balanced with slight bitterness from the noble hops. Faint “earthy & woodsy” notes can be tasted at the finish of the beer, the result of brewing with sap instead of water.

Light, crisp, and refreshing, our Pilsner is the perfect anecdote to the warm summer months ahead. Cheers!

Winter Spruce Porter

Winter Spruce Porter

Our rich and full-bodied Baltic Spruce Porter

ABV: 7.1%      Style: Baltic Porter      Avaliability:

Formerly known as “Old Tjikko”, Newburgh Winter Spruce Porter is our rich and full-bodied Baltic Spruce Porter.

In settling up to Winter Spruce Porter, you’ll be greeted with a lovely spruce aroma that is accented by the dark roasted malts, complimented by a caramel sweetness. This aromatic beginning leads one to thoughts of their favorite mint or chocolate desserts. And the taste certainly follows that aromatic start, as you are left with lingering notes of spruce, chocolate, & a minty and resiny finish.

Smooth without the bite that can be associated with spruce, this is a beer that seems most at home next to your fireplace. With a warming ABV of 6.6%, this is one for the winter season and to be blissfully enjoyed throughout the long, winter months.

River Brew

River Brew

An Irish Red brewed with Crown Maple Syrup to benefit Team Fox of the Michael J. Fox Founation

ABV: 5.6%      Style: Irish Red      Avaliability:

What happens when 2 local companies decide to get together to give back? You get “riverBREW: Crown Maple Irish Red”

In partnership with Dutchess County’s Crown Maple Syrup, we are proud to bring you our latest creation. An Irish Red brewed with Crown Maple’s Grade B Extra Dark Syrup.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to Team Fox of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Last year, we teamed up with a local family, the Kelly’s, to host “riverBREW” in our taproom. The event was a huge success, raising over $10,000 for Team Fox.

So this year we wanted to step it up. We created a beer specifically for the riverBREW 2.0. Irish Red’s are a style particularly near and dear to the Kelly family. And the resulting beer is a true delight: a nice maple aroma, a beautiful red/amber color, and a smooth and well-balanced experience. And with each glass you enjoy, know you’ll be drinking for a great cause!

Choclate Fruition Gose

Choclate Fruition Gose

A light, tart, & refreshing chocolate beer

ABV: 5.7%      Style: Gose      Avaliability:

Introducing the newest member of the Newburgh Brewing family, “Chocolate Fruition Gose”: our 5.7% ABV Gose that was brewed with salt & dried orange slices, with a generous helping of cocoa nibs added after fermentation. And the “Fruition” is because the cocoa nibs were generously provided by Fruition Chocolate, a chocolate-maker here in the Hudson Valley.

The aroma of Chocolate Fruition is all chocolate… upon the first sip, you’ll be greeted by tart notes reminiscent of nectarines & plums. The finish is earthy dark chocolate with a subtle hint of salt.

Refreshing, golden in color, and medium in body, this is not your standard chocolate beer. But we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this unique take on the beautiful marriage of chocolate & beer.

Paper Box Pale Ale

Paper Box Pale Ale

If we believed in such a thing as a 'sessionable IPA', then this would be it...

ABV: 4.5%      Style: American Pale Ale      Avaliability:

88 South Colden… now home to Newburgh Brewing Company, but once home to Newburgh Paper Box Company. We pay homage to our home’s rich history by naming our Pale Ale after one of the great Newburgh businesses that came before us.

This is our version of an American Pale Ale. It has a bright American hop aroma from the whole-leaf Cascades amongst other generous doses of American hop varietals. Sessionable and dry, it finishes with a crisp and refreshing bitterness.

If there ever could be such a thing as a “sessionable IPA”… then this would be it.

Aces Wild

Aces Wild

Our Cream Ale's big brother! Mint & Tarragon added, and dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace hop.

ABV: 8.0%      Style: Double Cream Ale     Avaliability:

We certainly love our Cream Ale. In the year we’ve been open, it’s become one of our most popular styles.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t tinker with it, right?

Introducing “Aces Wild”, our Double Cream Ale. Double the Malt… Double the ABV. Coming in right at 8.0%, Aces Wild is the big brother our standard Cream Ale always wished he had.

The name? We dry-hopped Aces Wild with Sorachi Ace Hops. And the wild part comes in from the herbs: we also added Fresh Mint & Tarragon. The Mint & Tarragon do a wonderful job of enhancing the already present herbal qualities in the Sorachi Ace Hops.

At the finish, you’ll find a more pronounced bitterness than our standard Cream Ale, but that bitterness helps to carry the bigger body and ABV of the beer.

So… who is all in on “Aces Wild”?

Newburgh ICA

Newburgh ICA

Doubled Up on the Cream... Hopped like an IPA... Newburgh ICA!

ABV: 6.3%      Style: India Cream Ale      Avaliability:

We do so love our Cream Ale… but over the last 2 years, we’ve also grown to love that green bittering plant known as the hop. And so, we’ve decided to marry the two with our newest beer: Newburgh ICA, our “India Cream Ale” (why not?)

The hop profile on this beer completely sets it apart from our other hoppy offerings. Dry-hopped with generous amounts of Sorachi Ace, Apollo, Glacier, and Brewer’s Gold, the result is something wholly unique. And at an ABV of 6.3%, it puts it right in line with more traditional IPA offerings…

Doubled Up on the Cream… Hopped like an IPA… Newburgh ICA!!



Weizenbock with a crafty twist: honey, chamomile, and lemon peel.

ABV: 8.0%      Style: Weizenbock     Avaliability:

When it comes to wheat beer, no one does it better than G. Schneider & Sohn, a world-class German brewery. And the gold standard for Weizenbock has been set by their beer “Aventinus”. We looked no further than that fine ale when drawing our inspiration for “HoneyWeizen”: a Weizenbock with our own American craft twist.

HoneyWeizen has a rich flavor with wheat beer overtones; our crafty additions are honey, chamomile, and lemon peel.

The lemon and chamomile are both quietly lurking behind the scenes… they work to enhance the natural wheat character of the beer, without obviously announcing their presence.

And finally comes the honey… it creates a wonderfully flavorful finish, and also provides a smoothness to the 8% ABV.

Keeping it local? Our New York honey comes from Montgomery and City of Newburgh’s own Downing Park.



Berlinerweisse-Style... thirst quenching and supremely refreshing

ABV: 3.0%      Style: Berlinerweisse-Style      Avaliability:

100% Rye…

100% Brett…

100% Newburgh…

And that’s Newburgh Roggensauer. For the upcoming dog days of summer, what better way to battle the heat than with this supremely refreshing and thirst-quenching beer.

Brewed in the Berlinerweisse-style and coming in at 3.0% ABV, you’ll be greeted with tropical fruit notes from the Brettanomyces, complimented with spicy accents from the rye.

And even though it’s only 3.0% ABV, it is exceptionally complex and interesting.

This is a beer to savor for the hot months ahead. And if you visit us in our taproom, ask to add our house-made organic blueberry syrup, or traditional German Woodruff syrup.

Rhuby Soho

Rhuby Soho


ABV: 7.0%      Style: Saison     Avaliability:

When Whole Foods Markets says “we love your beer… will you brew a beer for us?” it only takes about 0.5 seconds to say “YES!”

And since Spring has sprung, what better way to enjoy the upcoming warm months than with a bright, dry, and refreshing Saison?

And with that in mind, we bring you “Rhuby Soho” – a 7.0% ABV Saison. And not just any Saison… this Saison is all about local. Featuring local rhubarb from Black Horse Farm & local honey from Hudson Valley Harvest.

All the dry & subtle spice notes you love about a Saison, with a gentle tartness from rhubarb and delicate notes of honey.

Cheers to Whole Foods for all your support of local beer!

Chili Lime Stout

Chili Lime Stout

A stout brewed with chiles and limes

ABV: 4.1%      Style: Stout      Avaliability:

Our take on what was called the “Party Gyle” system, a way to make different strength beers using the same mash. The grain would be mashed multiple times, and the extract would be used to make a different beer each time.

In our version, we “mashed” once but separated the wort to make 2 different beers: the first runnings made The Newburgh Conspiracy… and the 2nd runnings resulted in Chile Lime Stout.

Chile Lime Stout is not just a clever name. It was brewed with chiles… and yes, limes. On first glance it looks as dark and big as The Newburgh Conspiracy, but it’s a far lighter and more sessionable ale. You’re greeted with the rich aroma of lime, and the finish is a lingering heat that becomes more and more refreshing with each sip.

Platzl Alt

Platzl Alt

Our altbier; all German malt and hops; strong malty backbone

ABV: 4.2%      Style: Oyster Altbier      Avaliability:

When we were approached by Platzl Brauhaus in Rockland County about helping them celebrate 2013’s Oktoberfest with a beer just for them, how could we say no? And so was born “Newburgh Platzl Alt“, our Altbier and the 22nd beer in our collection.

Coming in at 4.2% ABV and with a strong malty backbone, this beer is all German: only German malt and German hops were used in Platzl Alt. Cold fermented and cold conditioned, Platzl Alt has a beautiful copper color and finishes with a tinge of lingering bitterness. As it is only available in our taproom or at Platzl Brauhaus during their Oktoberfest celebration, we hope you’ll pay one of us a visit to try this exceptionally drinkable brew.

The Hessian

The Hessian

Pre-Prohibition Lager Brewed with Local Malt & Corn from Coppersea Distilling

ABV: 5.5%      Style: Original American Lager      Avaliability:

In partnership with Coppersea Distilling, we are pleased to present The Hessian, a Pre-Prohibition Lager. Brewed and lagered at Newburgh Brewing and made from 50% organic corn grown on Coppersea’s farm in New Paltz and a combination of Coppersea’s own floor-malted rye and barley, The Hessian is an homage to the era when flavorful American corn-based lagers were king. Few of these brews survived Prohibition, and those that did are a flavorless, diluted version of their once delicious predecessors.

Enjoy The Hessian, a nod to a classic American Style. Cheers!

2013's Harvest Ale

2013's Harvest Ale

2013's Harvest Ale, a wet hopped American Pale Ale with all local Hudson Valley hops!

ABV: 4.0%      Style: Wet Hopped American Pale Ale     Avaliability:

Or as we affectionately call it, “Blurred Bines”… (we are not immune to catchy pop music)

The hop harvest has been done, our local farmers have done their part… so now it’s time for us to hold up our end of the bargain: the release of 2013’s Harvest Ale.

As the renaissance in Hudson Valley brewing continues, more & more of our local farmers are growing much needed hops.

2013 Harvest Ale has hops from:

Madura Farms, Pine Island

Hopherder Farm, Walden

Doons Farm, New Windsor

Masotto Property, Washingtonville

Basso Property, Salisbury Mills

This year’s Harvest Ale is supremely dry and crisp. Hoppier than 2012’s version, the freshness of the local hops provide a grassy and herbal quality that is nicely balanced by the English malt. Supremely sessionable at 4.0%, this is a fine tribute to the hard work of our local

Shelter Island Oyster Stout

Shelter Island Oyster Stout

Stout Brewed with Shelter Island Cornelius Queen Oysters

ABV: 5.5%      Style: Oyster Stout      Avaliability:

An annual tradition at Newburgh is the creation of a small beer off of the brewing of our Russian Imperial Stout, "The Newburgh Conspiracy". And with 2016's brew, we bring you "Shelter Island Oyster Stout"

Our 2nd time brewing an Oyster Stout, with the first coming back in 2013. This version was brewed with Cornelius Queen Oysters from Long Island's Shelter Island Oyster Farm. Beautifully black in color, the light body of this beer is a delightful surprise. An aroma of dark roasted coffee is followed by flavors of rich roasted malts and oyster brine

A wonderful beer for the winter season and beyond, we hope you enjoy Shelter Island Oyster Stout!

Ginger Double IPA

Ginger Double IPA

Double IPA w/ Organic Ginger Juice

ABV: 8.0%      Style: Double IPA      Avaliability:

Do we love Double IPA’s? Yup.

Do we love ginger? Yup.

Did we want to combine two of our great loves?

Yup & Yup.

Ginger DIPA is our generously hopped double IPA, loaded up on organic ginger juice from California’s The Ginger People.

Ginger notes shine through in the nose & the start of the beer, with the end being a seamless blend of the tropical-leaning hops & the ginger juice. The addition of demerara adds a taste of cane sugar, reminiscent of rum.

The resulting beer will remind you of sitting on a Carribean Island, enjoying a fine tropical cocktail.

Who said summer is over?

Smokey the Beer

Smokey the Beer

A twist on our Brown Ale... the addition of Smoked Local Wild Hops

ABV: 8.0%      Style: Double IPA      Avaliability:

What happens when you have a little extra Brown Ale to mess around with? You get crazy ideas… like using the taproom’s smoker to smoke some local wild hops and then dry-hopping a small batch of our Brown Ale with them. And so was born Smokey the Beer, our limited release Brown Ale (only available in the taproom).

The addition of the smoked hops in Smokey the Beer adds a beautiful smoke character that balances incredibly well with the rich and roasted character of our Brown Ale. Using our in-house smoker, the local wild hops were smoked over Hickory and Applewood.

The result is a beer just like our Brown Ale… and nothing like our Brown Ale. Available only in our taproom, this is a nice Autumn beer that won’t be available for long.

Smokey the Beer says: “only YOU can prevent friends from drinking bad beer”

The White Turtle

The White Turtle

White Ale Brewed with Coriander, Cardamom, Lemon Peel, and Bitter Orange Peel

ABV: 5.0%      Style: White Ale      Avaliability:

“The White Turtle” is liquid summer… in a glass.

It’s our White Ale, brewed with coriander, cardamom, lemon peel, and bitter orange peel. The beautiful blending of spices perfectly complements the light body of “The White Turtle”. At 5.0% ABV, it’s thirst-quenchingly sessionable enough to have you coming back for sip after sip.

And “The White Turtle” was brewed in partnership with Dan Taub, a brewer from Israel’s Alexander Brewery, and a close friend of our own brewer, Amit Ram.

So enjoy “The White Turtle” with your own close friend. Or family. Or complete strangers. Or by yourself. The world really is your oyster. Or your turtle.

Rodeo Wild

Rodeo Wild

Tart Saison

ABV: 5.7%      Style: Saison      Avaliability:

"Rodeo Wild" is the 1st in our 3-part series of Saisons. Kettle-soured with lactobacillus and fermented with a mixed culture of Saison Yeast & Brettanomyces, "Rodeo Wild" has a pleasantly mild tartness, that complements it's flavor notes of lemon zest & bubblegum. A beautiful aroma of citrus fruits, the light-body of "Rodeo Wild" makes it enormously refreshing & immensely drinkable.

"Rodeo Wild" is a thirst-quenching treat to be enjoyed over & over again.

Rodeo #2

Rodeo #2

Saison Fermented with Belgian Saison Yeast & Brettanomyces

ABV: 6.5%      Style: Farmhouse Style Saison      Avaliability:

When we opened in 2012, one of our first offerings was a sessionable Belgian Saison. And while we don’t make that beer anymore, as a nod to one of our first brews, we bring you “Rodeo #2”.

Rodeo #2 is a Belgian Saison, but much bigger in alcohol than our original one. Clocking in at 7.5%, the alcohol is almost completely hidden under subtle notes of spice and clove from the Belgian Saison yeast. The mixed fermentation with Brettanomyces adds a dry farmhouse “funk” that nicely complements the Saison notes.

Left unfiltered, the beer is straw in color and light in body, and the dryness leaves you wanting more and more.

Rodeo Frown

Rodeo Frown

Dry Hopped Belgian Grisette

ABV: 5.5%      Style: Grisette      Avaliability:

Turn that frown upside down... Rodeo Frown is the perfect thirst-quencher for the hot days ahead. A Belgian Grisette generously dry hopped, meaning you get all the wonderful wheat notes complemented by bright tropical fruit flavors. First brewed in 2016 and now back again, this is a beer you'll want to enjoy over and over again.