Ethiopian-inspired sour beer with cold-brewed Ethiopian coffee... Why not?

Ethiopian-inspired sour beer with cold-brewed Ethiopian coffee... Why not?

ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 10

C.A.F.E. Sour brings a new twist to the already popular world of coffee beers. Keeping with Christopher’s favorite coffee’s from Ethiopia, the beer is made with beautiful Ethiopian Yrgicheffe provided by Plowshares Coffee Roasters in Hillburn, NY. In keeping with an overall Ethiopian theme, Whole Grain Teff and Gesho Leaves & Sticks were used. Teff is a staple grain of Ethiopia used in their sourdough bread called Injera. And Gesho is used for bittering in the traditional Ethiopian beer “Tella”.

We wanted to push the boundaries of creativity. Since Teff is used in sourdough bread, we thought: why not make a sour beer?

The end product results in a truly unique coffee-inspired experience: light in color and body, with an Earthy flavoring from the coffee that blends wonderfully with the exotic flavors from the sour beer. A refreshing and delightful beer for the summer ahead.

PairingsAdvanced Beerology
Ethiopian FoodStyle:your guess is as good as ours
Spicy DishesMalt:Golden Promise, Pale Malt, Flaked Oats, Whole Grain Teff
Breakfast FoodsHops:Variety of Aged Hops
Adjuncts:Gesho Leaves and Sticks (for bittering); Demerara Sugar; Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Plowshares Coffee Roasters
Yeast:Newburgh Ale Yeast
Original Gravity:13.0
Final Gravity:2.5
Color:Light Tan

Roe's Orchard Ale

A Farmhouse Ale made with local apple cider and fermented with Brettanomyces

A Farmhouse Ale made with local apple cider and fermented with Brettanomyces

ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 25

The fall is all about brewing beers that can showcase the plentiful offerings in your backyard… and in the Hudson Valley, that means apples. With that in mind, we are excited to bring you ROE’S ORCHARD ALE, an 8.0% ABV Farmhouse Ale fermented with Brettanomyces, and made with freshly pressed local apple cider.

The cider comes subtly across nose, with the tasting notes being both cider and a Belgian-y bubblegum character. Light in both body and color, the overall dryness makes Roe’s Orchard Ale supremely drinkable, and a beer you’ll come back to again and again.

PairingsAdvanced Beerology
TurkeyStyle:Farmhouse Ale
Apple DessertsMalt:Pilsner Malt
Hops:East Kent Goldings, Phoenix, Whole-Leaf East Kent Goldings
Adjunct:Unfermented Apple Cider
Original Gravity:16.0
Final Gravity:1.6

The Newburgh Conspiracy

A Russian Imperial Stout, named for a little known pivotal moment in US history...

** 500 mL bottles of Bourbon Barrel Aged The Newburgh Conspiracy available seasonally in our taproom **

Victory in 1783 brought great joy throughout the colonies, but there were also dark times ahead. Tired & angry Officers of the Continental Army grew restless as they awaited their hard-earned wages from our new Congress. A planned revolt was quashed by General George Washington, right here in Newburgh. This event became known as “The Newburgh Conspiracy”.

That dark moment in Newburgh history inspired the naming of our Russian Imperial Stout. “The Newburgh Conspiracy” is as dark as the hearts of those erstwhile conspirators. Made from only the first runnings of 2 separate brews, it is extremely rich, high ABV, yet smooth and drinkable. Hints of licorice and dried fruits are evident from the enormous amount of roasted malts. The high alcohol is warming without overpowering, making this a tasty treat for the cold winter ahead.

And at 12% abv, a pint or two of this would’ve surely put those angry officers at ease.

PairingsAdvanced Beerology
Cheeses (esp. Blue)Style:Russian Imperial Stout
Grilled MeatsMalt:Pale Malt, Roasted Barley, Black Malt, Chocolate Malt, Chocolate Wheat, Dark Crystal, Kiln Coffee, Brown Malt, Flaked Barley
Braised DishesHops:Zythos, Cascades, EKG
ChocolatesAdjuncts:Raw Sugar
Yeast:Newburgh Ale Yeast
Original Gravity:26.2
Final Gravity:7.6

Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse

Our traditional take on a Berliner Weisse.

Our traditional take on a Berliner Weisse.

ABV : 3.0%

We do so love a good Berliner… and with that in mind, we bring you Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse: our traditional interpretation of a German classic.

Aptly named for the famous crossing at the Berlin Wall, you’ll find Checkpoint Charlie to hold all the great characteristics of the Berliner Weisse’s made in Berlin. That means it’s very light in body, wonderfully tart in the finish, and refreshingly sessionable at 3.0% ABV.

Here at the brewery, we happily serve it just like they would in Berlin: with flavored syrups. Woodruff, Raspberry, Blueberry… all marvelous choices!

So enjoy Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse as is, or with your own flavored syrup… you won’t be disappointed!


PairingsAdvanced Beerology
ShellfishStyle:Berliner Weisse
SaladsMalt:Wheat Malt; Pilsner Malt
Lemon TartHops:Mittelfruh
Yeast:Newburgh Ale Yeast, Lactobacillus
Original Gravity:8.4
Final Gravity:2.7
Color:Light Straw